Every boat owner knows that boats have a soul and they say that our regional boats can even speak when the wind blows.
After a few days sleeping in a hammock, with a small backpack underneath carrying everything you need, a lot of people wonder: why do I have so much stuff at home?
By the way, our house here is quite small, but the ‘swimming pool’ is big... The experience of being so close to the forest, of sleeping and waking up to the songs of the howler monkeys, the zoghe-zoghe, the owls, crickets and frogs and also the thousand shades of blue sky to watch from the hammock are all part of the journey.
Regardless of the team we hire, when you leave the boat, you will be leaving great friends. Our team is made up of sailors and cooks from the communities in the river banks. They know how to tell stories about the waters and they know how to fish. They can even read your mind and, after a long hike, offer you cold water, avocado, popcorn or fresh coffee.

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