We are a Tourism and Handicraft Cooperative that operates along the banks of rivers Arapiuns, Tapajós and Amazonas in the Amazon region of Pará.

In tourism, our mission is to develop ecologically correct, economically viable, socially fair and culturally diverse experiences. We offer visitors genuine experiences with the riverside populations of the Amazon with immersion in nature and exchange of experiences, knowledge and visions.

In forest handicrafts, we aim to foster the production and trade of artifacts that combine sustainably extracted raw materials, traditional knowledge, cultural identity, handicrafts and creativity.

Our essence is to promote the improvement of quality of life and autonomy of our people by establishing fair and transparent economic relations always seeking to minimize environmental impacts.



Since 1987, through partnerships with the Saúde e Alegria Project, several riverside communities in western Pará have received visitors with the perspective of generating sustainable income. Starting in 2008, the Project began a systematic action of training and formatting itineraries on the Arapiuns River. Between August 2011 and December 2013, two community inns were built in Atodi and Anã. The results of 2014 were encouraging: the circuit received more than 300 visitors, generating more than R$300,000.

The recovery of the artisanal production of basketry in tucumã straw as a source of supplementary income began in the Arapiuns River in the mid-1990s, always with the support of Saúde e Alegria Project. In 2014, the organized groups sold more than R$34,000 in products.

In 2015, the time for autonomy arrived. On May 1, 70 community members from 7 communities founded the Cooperative of Tourism and Crafts of the Forest - TURIARTE. The work has never stopped and, in 2021, there are already 12 communities involved.


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